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SUNSET EDGE - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 87 minutes - Cavu Pictures
Directed by Daniel Peddle
Featuring: William Dickerson, Andy Foltz, Liliane Gillenwater

On a lazy afternoon, two tales intertwine in this meditative portrayal of disaffected youth set in a graveyard of abandoned mobile homes known as "Sunset Edge". Four suburban teens rummage through the decay completely unaware of the shadowy figure ... more
Starts on 5/29/2015

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IRIS - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 83 minutes - Magnolia Pictures
Directed by Albert Maysles
Featuring: Iris Apfel, Carl Apfel

The latest film from legendary documentarian Albert Maysles (GREY GARDENS, GIMME SHELTER), IRIS pairs the late 88-year-old filmmaker (who passed away on March 5) with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has ... more
Starts on 5/29/2015

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2014 - USA - English - 75 minutes - Breaking Glass Pictures
Directed by Nathan Silver
Featuring: David Dahlbom, India Menuez, Caitlin Mehner, Tallie Medel, Gina Piersanti, Hannah Gross

Needing a sudden escape from the city, Robbie leaves Brooklyn for the Hudson Valley to stay with his aunt who runs a home for pregnant teens. As the only man in the house, Robbie captures the attention of many of the girls, and when he strikes up a f ... more
Starts on 5/29/2015

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PATCH TOWN - (unrated)
2014 - Canada - English - 85 minutes - Kino Lorber
Directed by Craig Goodwill
Featuring: Zoie Palmer, Julian Richings, Rob Ramsay, John Cor, Scott Thompson

After years in a loving home, Jon (a toy) was forgotten, deserted and ultimately betrayed by his adoptive mother. He returns to live a sad life as a worker on the line; a life of factory work and oppression in a place where hundreds of cabbage babies ... more
Starts on 6/5/2015

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2015 - USA - English - 100 minutes - Phase 4 Films
Directed by Robert Duvall
Featuring: Devon Abner, Adriana Barraza, Robert Duvall, James Franco, Josh Hartnett

Texas Ranger Samantha Payne (Adriana Barraza) re-opens a 15-year-old Missing Persons case, uncovering clues linking a local boy's death to wealthy family man, Scott Briggs (Robert Duvall). The Texas Ranger will stop at nothing to discover the truth e ... more
Starts on 6/5/2015

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WE ARE STILL HERE - (unrated)
2015 - USA - Engish - 84 minutes - Dark Sky Films
Directed by Ted Geoghegan
Featuring: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie, Larry Fessenden Monte Markham

** ONE WEEKEND ONLY ** FRI 6/5 & SAT 6/6 @ Midnight Intro by Director TED GEOGHEGAN both nights! After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the quiet New England countryside t ... more
Starts on 6/5/2015

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2014 - France - English - 110 minutes - Screen Media
Directed by Frederic Auburtin
Featuring: Fisher Stevens, Thomas Kretschmann, Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu, Sam Neill

This is the story of the men who took changed the sport of forever. A group of wholly honest and deeply ethical men who had a dream and, to achieve that dream, established the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Driven by the ... more
Starts on 6/5/2015

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2014 - Russia - Russian (with English subtitles) - 117 minutes - Tengri Productions
Directed by Alexander Mitta
Featuring: Leonid Bichevin, Kristina Schneidermann, Anatoliy Beliy

Inspired by the memoirs of Marc Chagall and those of his contemporaries, CHAGALL-MEALEVICH blends fact and folklore to evoke the return of the iconic Jewish artist to his childhood home of Vitebsk. Having left behind immense success in Paris, Chag ... more
Starts on 6/12/2015

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REDEEMER - (unrated)
2014 - Chile - Spanish - 88 minutes - MPI Media
Directed by Ernesto Díaz Espinoza
Featuring: Noah Segan, Marko Zaror, Loreto Aravena

A former hit-man for a drug cartel becomes a vigilante to pay for his sins and find redemption. ... more
Starts on 6/12/2015

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THE 11th HOUR (aka I AM HERE) - (unrated)
2014 - Denmark - English - 97 minutes - Brainstorm Media
Directed by Anders Morgenthaler
Featuring: Kim Basinger, Peter Stormare, Jordan Prentice, Sebastian Schipper

Maria (Kim Basinger) is a successful business executive, struggling to fulfill her greatest wish of all: to bring a child into the world. After suffering yet another miscarriage, a doctor informs Maria that she's too old to carry a child and her ... more
Starts on 6/12/2015

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2015 - Italy - Spanish - 90 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Claudio Del Punta
Featuring: Milena Almira, Claudio Del Punta

DANCING OR MY HAVANA is a story about young Cuban dancers struggling with their aspirations to achieve fame and fortune, and their intense love for the people and creative energy found only in their homeland. Daniel and Yadira are two young Cuban ... more
Starts on 6/17/2015

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THE FACE OF AN ANGEL - (unrated)
2014 - UK - English - 101 minutes - Screen Media
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Featuring: Cara Delevigne, Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Bruhl

THE FACE OF AN ANGEL tells the incredible true story of murder, lust, deception and conspiracy that captured the attention of the world (based on the Amanda Knox murder trial). ... more
Starts on 6/19/2015

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THE WANTED 18 - (unrated)
2014 - Canada/Palestine/France - Arabic/French (with English subtitles) - 75 minutes - Kino Lorber
Directed by Paul Cowan, Amer Shomali
Featuring: Alison Darcy, Heidi Foss, Rosann Nerenberg, Holly O'Brien

The Animated feature THE WANTED 18 reveals how eighteen cows in the village of Beit Sahour became an inspiration and symbol of resistance during the first Palestinian Intifada. As the Israeli army searches for the illegal bovines, the story veers fro ... more
Starts on 6/19/2015

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FELT - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 80 minutes - Amplify Releasing
Directed by Jason Banker
Featuring: Amy Everson, Kentucker Audley, Ryan Creighton, Elisabeth Ferrara, Roxanne Lauren Knouse

** OPENING WEEKEND Q&A's ** FRI 6/26 @ 7:10pm Director JASON BANKER + Star KENTUCKER AUDLEY Amy is hanging on by a thread. Struggling to cope with past sexual trauma and the daily aggressions of a male-dominated society, she creates grotes ... more
Starts on 6/26/2015

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GLASS CHIN - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 87 minutes - Phase 4 Films
Directed by Noah Buschel
Featuring: Corey Stoll, Billy Crudup, Kelly Lynch, Katherine Waterston

Former boxing champ Bud “The Saint” Gordon has fallen from grace and is living in a rundown apartment. Down on his luck and desperate to turn his life around, he makes a deal with a corrupt businessman to work as an enforcer and collect on outstandin ... more
Starts on 6/26/2015

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7 MINUTES - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 92 minutes - Starz Digital Media
Directed by Jay Martin
Featuring: Luke Mitchell, Jason Ritter, Leven Rambin, Kris Kristofferson, Zane Holtz, Kevin Gage

After becoming indebted to a psychopathic drug lord, three desperate young men are forced to commit a brazen robbery. What begins as a simple plan - 'in and out in seven minutes' - quickly escalates into a dangerous game of life-or-death. As each min ... more
Starts on 6/26/2015

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ADVANTAGEOUS - (unrated)
 - USA - English - 90 minutes
Directed by Jennifer Phang
Featuring: Jacqueline Kim, James Urbaniak, Freya Adams, Ken Jeong

In a metropolis in the near future, Gwen Koe, a beautiful woman full of poise and grace, works as the spokesperson for the Center for Advanced Health and Living, a company that offers a radical new technology allowing people to overcome their natural ... more
Starts on 6/28/2015

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IN STEREO - (unrated)
2015 - USA - English - 97 minutes - Circus Road Films
Directed by Mel Rodriguez III
Featuring: Beau Garrett, Aimee Mullins, Maggie Geha, Mario Cantone

David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. After they break up, due to mutual immaturity, they voyage through a romantic Purgatory that shakes both of them to their core, until they realize what's appa ... more
Starts on 7/3/2015

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SLINGSHOT - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 93 minutes - Moon Avenue
Directed by Paul Lazarus
Featuring: Dean Camen

SLINGSHOT focuses on inventor Dean Kamen (The Segway Human Transporter) and his 15-year quest to solve the world's safe water crisis. Iconoclast Kamen is a modern hero. His inventions, mostly medical devices, help people in need and ease suffering. ... more
Starts on 7/10/2015

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ALLELUIA - (unrated)
2014 - Belgium - French - 93 minutes - Music Box Films
Directed by Fabrice Du Welz
Featuring: Lola Dueñas, Laurent Lucas, Héléna Noguerra

Based on notorious real-life “lonely hearts killers” who make victims of their romantic liaisons, ALLELUIA is a dark and fascinating love-story-gone-wrong from Belgian horror maverick Fabrice du Welz. Michel (Laurent Lucas, WITH A FRIEND LIKE HAR ... more
Starts on 7/17/2015

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10 CENT PISTOL - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 91 minutes - Phase 4 Films
Directed by Michael C. Martin
Featuring: Jena Malone, JT Alexander, Damon Alexander, Joe Mantagna, Adam Arkin

Lifelong criminals maneuver through the shady underbelly of Los Angeles in search of wealth, love and redemption. ... more
Starts on 7/24/2015

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6 WAYS TO DIE (aka 6 WAYS TO SUNDOWN) - (unrated)
2014 - USA - English - 103 minutes - Phase 4 Films
Directed by Nadeem Soumah
Featuring: Vinnie Jones, Vivica A. Fox, Tom Sizemore, Dominique Swain, Bai Ling, Michael Rene Walton

Sonny "Sundown" Garcia (Michael Rene Walton) is the top cocaine distributor in the United States, which has made him a very rich and powerful man. It has also made him plenty of enemies. John Doe (Vinnie Jones) is just such a man. A nameless man ... more
Starts on 7/31/2015

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2014 - Brazil - Portugese - 112 minutes - Music Box Films
Directed by Daniel Augusto
Featuring: Júlio Andrade, Ravel Andrade, Fabiana Gugli

Having sold over 165 million copies of 30 books, Paulo Coelho is one of the best-selling authors of all time. His works have been translated into 80 languages and published in more than 150 countries around the world. PAOLO COELHO'S BEST STORY tel ... more
Starts on 7/31/2015

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2014 - USA - English - 104 minutes - Double Exposure, LLC
Directed by Eric Christiansen

Built on the “pillars” of – The Truth – The Healing – The Hope, SEARCHING FOR HOME, COMING BACK FROM WAR is an emotional and unflinching look at returning veterans and their search for the “home” they left behind–physically, mentally and spiritually. ... more
Starts on 8/7/2015

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BIG SKY - (unrated)
2015 - USA - English - 90 minutes - Phase 4 Films
Directed by Jorge Michel Grau
Featuring: Bella Thorne, Kyra Sedgwick, Frank Grillo, Aaron Tveit

Hazel (Bella Thorne), is a teenage girl who suffers a crippling case of agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces). She never leaves her bedroom, which has put a strain on the relationship with her strung-out mom, Dee (Kyra Sedgwick), and is starting to t ... more
Starts on 8/14/2015

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TUFF LUCK - (unrated)
2015 - USA - English - 90 minutes - Velocity Films
Directed by Andrew Klein
Featuring: Dave Scott, James Marino, Kenny Monroe, Todd Kelly

This is a film about the struggles and triumphs of a rock and roll band searching for success. TUFF LUCK follows the '80's hair metal band of the same name as they emerged from the South Florida music scene to become one of the area's premier attract ... more
Starts on 8/14/2015

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MY VOICE, MY LIFE - (unrated)
2014 - Hong Kong - Cantonese - 91 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Ruby Yang
Featuring: Tabitha Chan, Wing Wing Chan, Jason Chow

MY VOICE, MY LIFE tells the poignant stories of a group of under-privileged Hong Kong youngsters as they participate in six months of vigorous training to produce a musical on stage. Through their trials and tribulations, the students challenge p ... more
Starts on 8/20/2015

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2014 - Ecuador - Spanish (with English subtitles) - 110 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Bernard Canizares Esguerra
Featuring: Carolina Piechestein, Alejandro Buenaventura, Juan Ricardo Gomez

Martin, an aging man, is abandoned in a psychiatric hospital, where a pharmaceutical business is conducting illegal drug tests. His granddaughter, Ana, discovers that her own father is directly involved and takes action into her own hands. As Ana ... more
Starts on 9/4/2015

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TALAKJUNG vs. TULKE - (unrated)
2014 - Nepal - Nepali - 90 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Nischal Basnet
Featuring: Khagendra Lamichhane, Richa Sharma, Shusank Mainali, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Dayahang Rai - See more

TALAKJUNG vs. TULKE is a dark comedy with the main protagonist, a Nepali common man, in a search for his identity against the backdrop of the Nepalese conflict. Tulké is a day-laborer in a Nepalese mountain village. He struggles to reclaim his los ... more
Starts on 9/4/2015

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HELIO OITICICA - (unrated)
2012 - Brazil - Portugese - 94 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Cesar Oiticica Filho
Featuring: Hélio Oiticica

Cesar Oiticica Filho’s first film is a visually striking found-footage documentary about the filmmaker’s uncle, Hélio Oiticica (1937–1980), one of the most important Brazilian artists of the 20th Century. Foregoing voiceover narration and expert anal ... more
Starts on 9/11/2015

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MILK - (unrated)
2015 - USA - English - 91 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Noemi Weis
Featuring: Terry Wafwafa, Elisabeth Sterken, Ines Fernandez

Through an intimate and artistic lens, MILK brings a universal perspective on the politics, commercialization and controversies surrounding birth and infant feeding over the canvas of stunningly beautiful visuals and poignant voices from around the g ... more
Starts on 9/26/2015

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2015 - USA - English - 90 minutes - Indie Marketing
Directed by Genlin

EATING HAPPINESS is a call-to-action documentary to stop dog meat consumption and the brutal, inhumane treatment of the trafficked dogs prior to killing. Animal rights activist Genlin takes you on his personal journey through the back-streets and ... more
Starts on 10/2/2015

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DUKHTAR - (unrated)
2014 - Pakistan - Urdu - 93 minutes - CINEMAflix
Directed by Afia Nathaniel
Featuring: Samia Mumtaz, Mohib Mirza, Ajab Gul, Saleha Aref, Muhammed Khalid Ali

** Official Selection of Pakistan for the 87th Academy Awards "BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM" Catagory ** At the age of fifteen, Allah Rakhi (Samiya Mumtaz) was given in marriage to the much older tribal chieftain Daulat Khan (Asif Khan). Now, two ... more
Starts on 10/9/2015

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THE RED ROBIN - (unrated)
2013 - USA - English - 106 minutes - Rowish Films
Directed by Michael Z. Wechsler
Featuring: Judd Hirsch, Ryan O'Nan, C.S. Lee

World-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Nathaniel Shellner is dying of cancer as he reunites all of his children for what will be his final birthday. Things take a dark turn when Tommy, one of his five adopted children, asks his father to confess to performi ... more
Starts on 10/23/2015

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