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From: Marisol Date Added: 9/13/2013 11:40:27 AM

u can not watch it as it will never b released, i have read, and know the full life hiosrty of Tilikum, i know about each and every calf he has helped produce, and i know about each of the 3 deaths he helped cause, off by heartIt happened, because during the show, Dawn was doing a sequence with Tilly as he is known to the trainers, theey were both spinning round, Dawn's pony tail swished and caught on Tilly's face. it agrevated him and t the end of the show, Dawn was at the side of the water, when Tilikum shot out of the water, and grabbed her, he thwacked her about and she died from both Drowning and the shaking, lots of families were at the underwater veiwng tank, and seen the entire thing, the UW Veiwnd tank, is like a massive window were u can see wat is hapening

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