Ended on 3/21/2013

K-11 -  (unrated)

2012 - USA - English - 88 minutes - Breaking Glass Pictures

Directed by: Jules Stewart

Featuring: Goran Visnjic, Kate del Castillo, D.B. Sweeney, and Jason Mewes

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"Like a deranged John Waters remake of The Shawshank Redemption."
- The Hollywood Reporter

Like Alice in a brutally violent Wonderland, music executive Ray Saxx, Jr. is trapped in K-11, a very unique part of the Los Angeles County Prison System. He was out cold when he arrived and he has no idea how he got there – all he knows is he needs to get the hell out…alive and intact. To do that Ray must navigate through a maze of drug addled-transvestite-criminal politics with obstacles at every turn. Insane cellmates, corrupt guards and his own issues are just a few of what he’s dealing with while he pieces together his means of release from this dark and dangerous rabbit hole - K-11.

The movie sports a tour de force cast that includes Goran Visnjic (Beginners; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Kate del Castillo (La Reina del Sur), Portia Doubleday (Youth in Revolt), D.B. Sweeney (Hard Ball), Jason Mewes (Clerks), Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (The Dark Knight), Tara Buck (True Blood; Justified), Cameron Stewart in his feature film debut, and a special contribution from Kristen Stewart.

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Posted by : José Romero Date Added: 1/30/2013 11:59:48 PMreport this post 
Kate del Castillo is a great actress with respect to all other actors, K-11 I'm sure will be a success

Posted by : Joanna Date Added: 2/27/2013 9:30:27 AMreport this post 
Another that gets me is the fact that she never flaunts nor extolips any of her relationships, whether it be love, friends, coworkers or family relationships. She is clearly very grounded by all these relationships that she doesn't feel the need to involve them in her career. Really, I feel like Kristen is such a big anomaly in Hollywood. Her success I think is all hers. Shes pretty much a franchise herself that she built without knowing, like a self-made multi millionaire. Yes twilight boosted her & vice versa but I know even without twilight, it was only a matter of time till her impending a-list status was gonna happen. There's just so much in & about her that I would like to study & understand, like an actual textbook. She really should write a book cos I know even at her young age, she has so much to give that the public has yet to hear or imagine. Like everyone else keep saying, I don't know what it is but I am incredibly intrigued by her. I have never felt that way with anyone (celebrity or ordinary people) in my whole life.

Posted by : Maria De Los Angeles Date Added: 3/19/2013 8:15:19 PMreport this post 
I love the trailers... My husband, and I going to travel from Virginia to New York, NY just to see this movie. Kate del Castillo is one of Mexico's most popular actresses, and I think she did really good job in the character as a transsexual convict in K11.

Posted by : Emma Date Added: 11/3/2013 8:01:34 PMreport this post 
Wow, I loved the trailers. Will see it for sure.

Posted by : Date Added: 11/3/2013 8:02:52 PMreport this post 
To Joanna: I love Kristen Stewart too and have all she had out there: Florabotanica perfumes, all magazines and such. Seen On the Road and loved it. My whole family loves her dearly.

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