Ended on 7/4/2013

SOME GIRL(S) -  (unrated)

2013 - USA - English - 90 minutes - Leeden Media

Directed by: Daisy von Scherler Mayer

Featuring: Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, Zoe Kazan, Mia Maestro, Jennifer Morrison and Emily Watson

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Based on his play by the same name, Neil LaBute's script follows a successful writer (Adam Brody) who, on the eve of his wedding, travels across the country to meet up with ex-lovers in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions. Crisscrossing from Seattle to Boston, he reunites with high school sweetheart Sam (Jennifer Morrison), sexually free-spirited Tyler (Mia Maestro), married college professor Lindsay (Emily Watson), his best friendís little sister Reggie (Zoe Kazan), and ďthe one that got away" Bobbi (Kristen Bell).

Daisy von Scherler Mayer (PARTY GIRL) directs this journey of a modern-day Candide stumbling through a landscape familiar to most menómessy breakups.

"Each member of the ensemble offers a vividly detailed performance resounding with emotional truth, delivering lengthy swaths of LaButeís sometimes savagely furious, sometimes shocking funny dialogue with pitch-perfect degrees of intensity. Kazan and Brody arguably are first and second among equals but, really, there isnít a weak link in the chain."

"An astute and provocative drama about the perils of relationships and messy breakups in particular. Driven by a series of strong performances it veers into dark areas at times, but the episodic nature of the story keeps things fresh and intriguing.Ē
--Screen Daily

"LaBute and Some Girl(s) have a way of digging under an audiencesí skin, by showing people who you hope to never run into or maybe have been. The acclaimed playwright shines a bright light on human ugliness while also asking us to laugh at it. That isn't any new observation on LaBute, but Some Girl(s) shows him in the vicious playground once again in a multiplex, and director Mayer and the cast capture his voice exceedingly well."
--Film School Rejects

"With 'SOME GIRL(S),' LaBute, von Scherler Mayer and Brody have created a male character who is engaging, enigmatic, at times sympathetically confused and in the end rather despicable. With its prismatic view on male-female relationships, responses to the film will likely say as much about the individual viewer as about whatever happens on-screen."
--Los Angeles Times

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Posted by : Joseph Date Added: 5/19/2013 7:41:37 AMreport this post 
that he is indeed Neil LaBute but no-one is actllauy taking any notice of him. However, following extensive research in the comments section here (thanks for your contributions all) I am happy to declare that no-one would want to impersonate a living writer anyway; they would all choose their dead heroes. So, er, it must be him.

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