Ended on 8/1/2013

THE ROMEOWS -  (unrated)

2009 - USA - English - 80 minutes - Sarnoff & Associates LLC

Directed by: Robert Sarnoff

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‘Older’ people are using Viagra, hooking up on match.com, running marathons, flying planes and safely ditching them in The Hudson. THE ROMEOWS: RETIRED OLDER MEN EATING OUT WEDNESDAYS tackles the big, murky questions of current-day American life. This group of septuagenarians’ generational perspective connects with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and GRAN TORINO, while repelling notions of GRUMPY OLD MEN and THE BUCKET LIST.

These monumental everymen view the world with humor, melancholy, and hope. A billion-plus seconds ago it was 1959, the year they graduated Brooklyn College. It soon becomes evident that these working class immigrant sons of Flatbush feel ‘privileged’. Half a millennium of years and counting, tick at this round table, twirl pasta, munch Chinese noodles, Nathan’s hot dogs-with, break pita and each-others’ chops, as they practice the lost art of conversation.

They've known each other for half a century, with their armory of memories (comic, tragic, dramatic) always trying to leave it all better than it is.

The world at large creeps into their lives via the virtual village of CNN, Maureen Dowd, Savage Nation, ESPN, Facebook and Twitter. Spend real time with these ‘old’ friends who used to talk all night, listen to L.P.’s and drink percolated black coffee. Put all these weathered men together, squint, and you get an amalgam of Tommy Lee Jones, Larry David, Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood, stating truths too sensitive, too honest for their wives or kids.

“When We Get Together We Get Younger”, an original soundtrack, punctuates this inspirational, uplifting love-song, highlighting the fun, affection and intensity of this weathered, vibrant Band of Brooklyn Buddies continuing to continue their affirmation of life.

“I met two of my husbands in the Brooklyn College cafeteria. It must have been the chocolate milk. It was a privilege to sup with The Romeows and be part of this delightful, meaningful film.”
- Adrianne Tolsch, Comedian

“They never lost touch with their deeply humble, humane and humorous Brooklyn roots.” …… “The film is a love letter to friendship and a f--- you to death.”
- Denis Hamill, New York Daily News

“To my parents I owe America. They gave it to me and I leave it to you. Take good care of it.”
– Sam Levenson

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